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a)   Agriculture :

The Government assigned banjar land of I acres to each

of eight persons. The lands are full of stones and shrub* They

have no irrigation facilities. Moreover, they are distant from tbe

village. Practically little use Is being made of these lands.

The owners of these lands depend oa gathering firewood

in the forest as their mala occupation just like            who 10 not

own any.

As the Gtdabas have little land of their OWE* agriculture

as an occupation has almost disappeared from the village.

The landlords, belonging to the plains, do not employ the

,                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Mb

Gadabas as their Paiera (farm servant) for this reason.

Some of them take part in agricultural operations during

the busy season as agricultural labour. 1! men and 4 women, that

is, total 15 persons undertake this work at their secondary occupa-

tion. It provides employment for about one month in the year.

Last month, one of the boys, has been lucky enough to

be engaged by a landlord as a farm servant. This is a surprise to

the Gadabas. Similarly, one elderly Gadaba works as watchman

of a mango tope for three months in a year. This he has bem

doing for the last three years only.

b)   Forest Produce:

The Gadaba's main occupation is gathering forest product

and exchanging it in the town market. Ths chief item so gathered

is Ireweod.

They have to walk at least  IS Km. per day.   They start

for work at dawn.   They return home late in the morning and

take a harried breakfast.   They then dispose it of in the town,